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Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite

Hood up from the front Hood up from the rear err... hood up from the front again!

This (my Dad’s car) is of 1958 vintage, and has been totally restored and upgraded.  It has the original body (with a steel bonnet) but it has late midget running gear and a 1275cc engine (new in 1991). Consequently its a great little car! And it kinda stops too!! (for a Sprite!).

and hood up from the side - note sidescreens! Motolita wooden steering-wheel etc Original steel wheels with chrome hubcaps

It has some quirks from the era such as foot-operated dip-switch, no synchromesh on first gear, ill-fitting plastic side-screens, no door locks or outer handles, and no seat belts (or air bags!!).

Hood down, sunny day at dad's

LATEST PICS: Now with shiny new over-riders on the front bumper, the old ones had been removed as they were all rusty!  Also rubber door liners!! >>>>>

and still sunny at Dad's (three-quater front view)
tonneau on from rear still sunny at Dad's (side view)
new over-riders! New rubber door liners
British Motor Corporation Rosette
Sprite in early 1990s


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